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Mascom Batanani was lauched in 2019 to drive positive change in our society. Batanani means unity and celebrates Botswana's spirit of supporting each other for the good of our community.

When you register for Mascom Batanani or donate to the cause, you become part of the movement to better lives of ordinary people and the less privileged.

Join the walk with a cause. Let's unite for change.

Mascom Batanani Walk 2020

While this year’s approach may take a slightly different shape to last year’s, one thing remains the same - the Mascom Batanani walk is all about uniting people for the betterment of their communities. No matter how far apart we may have to remain in order to keep safe, we can still come together to make a positive difference and create real and lasting change.
This year, we are going virtual! Run from anywhere and wherever you are!

Mascom Batanani Walk 2020 Theme

Over the past few months, the country has faced challenges unlike any that we have ever experienced as Batswana. The COVID-19 pandemic has left people feeling isolated, anxious and worried about their wellbeing, and there has been an increase in mental health related issues

Now more than ever, people need to feel equipped and empowered to manage their mental health and to know where to seek help when they can no longer bear their burdens on their own. This is the time for us to stand together as a community, supporting one another as we work to survive these troubled times so that we can ultimately come to thrive again.

In light of this, Mascom has themed this year’s virtual charity walk around the urgent issue of managing one’s mental health in the midst of a crisis. Our goal is to raise awareness while promoting community support for those who need it the most.

How it works

Absolutely anyone can take part in the virtual walk from anywhere in Botswana. The walk will take place over 9 days, and participants walk in their own time, at their own pace, pick any day between 23rd – 31st October 2020, and time themselves. You can walk in your neighborhood, on a treadmill or even take a scenic hike through nature. You can have a bit of fun by documenting your walking experience-taking pictures or videos of yourself, and posting on social media.

Participants can walk any distance they choose; the walk is meant to be fun. All proceeds will go to a charity that serves mental health needs in the community.

Your Own


23-31 October 2020


06:00 - 18:00

Age groups

13 - 75 YRS

Race Pack

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How to Enter


Join the walk with a cause. Let's unite for change.


If you can't join the Walk you can still donate


Are you registering for a team or corporate company? (email to: sponsorships@mascom.bw)

General Information

Choosing the Right Shoes
Consider these tips when choosing a pair of shoes for the walk:
  • • Try on the shoes before purchasing them - get a feel for them.
  • • Wear socks that complement the shoes.
  • • Do the shoes feel flexible? Are they comfortable? Do they support your weight?
  • • Is there enough space in the toe-box for you to wiggle your toes?
  • • When you push off, your toes will want to expand and spread
  • • Is the heel firm enough? It should be firm but not rigid.
  • • Do they shoes have enough grip?
Choosing the Right Socks
The best socks provide cushioning and draw perspiration away from your feet, leaving them cool and dry. The best socks feature blends of synthetics with cotton or all-synthetic socks such as orlon, polypropylene and stretch nylon, or a mixture of these.

Consider socks that are padded in high-impact areas like the heel and toe and others with additional cushioning on the sock's sole and top.

The Right Clothing
After choosing suitable shoes and socks, the next thing is to consider the type of clothing you are planning to wear – and that depends on the weather:
Hot weather. During hot weather, wear light-colored clothes to reflect the heat and light. Although cotton is comfortable, when you sweat it gets wet, and tends to stay wet. So go for synthetic fibres, such as polypropylene, that wick moisture away from the skin and dry quickly. If you’re walking in the sun it’s an idea to wear a brimmed hat.
Make sure that you always wear a protective mask if walking outside your home.

Carry a water bottle with you when you walk, so that you can stay healthy and hydrated.
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